Affiliates Instructions and Marketing Tools

Quick Start Guide

Step 1 - Sign up to Clickbank as an affiliate

Clickbank is the third party that handles our online credit card transactions and affiliate program. They will be mailing you your cheques every 2 weeks.

To promote Total Surfing Fitness you will need to spend two minutes filling in a form so Clickbank knows where to mail your cheques, and to get your Clickbank username and password.

The form will look like the one below. To sign up, click on the following link...


Step 2 - Create your special hyperlink

Once you have your Clickbank username, you can create your special link to promote Total Surfing Fitness.

To do this, simply use the hyperlink below, but replace xxxxx with your Clickbank account username.

For example if your Clickbank username is 'joesurf', your hyperlink would be


Step 3 - Use your hyperlink to make lots of money

Now all you have to do is get people to click on your hyperlink via email, website, blog, newsletter or pay-per-click, and when they purchase Total Surfing Fitness, you will get 50% commission.

Note: When people click on your hyperlink it will take them to the Total Surfing Fitness homepage. Clickbank then tracks your link, so that you get the credit for any sales.

That's all there is to it. You could have your first sale by the end of today! And your first cheque mailed out in a couple of weeks.

If you still want more information on how Clickbank's affiliate program works, follow the link below...



Marketing Tools & Ideas

You can use any of the following marketing tools in your emails, website, blog or newsletter to help promote Total Surfing Fitness.


Here are just a few ideas to help promote Total Surfing Fitness...

1. Write a review of the program for your website, blog or newsletter. We have several affiliates who are doing this successfully already.

2. Send a promotional email to your list.

3. Post my articles or videos on your website / blog. 

4. Use banner ads or ebook cover graphics on your website.

5. Write about your own success story with Total Surfing Fitness.


Images / Banner Ads

Copy and paste any of these images into your website, blog, emails or newsletter.



You have permission to publish these articles in your magazine, e-zine, on your website, blog or forum provided the entire article remains unaltered and the section about the author is left in its entirety along with the links back to You can replace the link with your special affiliate hyperlink .


Workouts for Surfers
How to improve your surfing when there is no swell

Better Balance, Better Surfer
How to improve your balance with a few simple exercises

Increase Your Paddle Power
How to improve paddle strength

Stretches For Surfers
Increase your flexibility for surfing


You can embed these Youtube videos in your website by clicking on the links and copying the html from Youtube into your site.

Core Strength Exercises for Surfers



Upper & Lower Body Strength for Surfers



Core Stability Exercise for Surfers 


Warm-up Circuit for Surfers





For more help with our affiliate program, email