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All you have to do is promote the Total Surfing Fitness program either by email, facebook, twitter, website, blog, newsletter or pay-per-click, and if people purchase and download the program, you will receive 50% commission on the sale - which works out to be $21-$33 USD per referral sale depending on the package.


Do you have affiliates making money already?

Yes, we already have affiliates who make sales regularly and are generating an extra income stream.


How do you know if I have referred a sale?

Our affiliate program is run by Clickbank.com. When you sign up as an affiliate, which will only take a couple of minutes (it is really easy), you will receive a special hyperlink which you promote via email or on your website. Clickbank tracks the links and automatically knows when a sale has come from your hyperlink. Clickbank then sends you a cheque every 2 weeks for any sales you have generated.



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All you have to do is cut, paste and post the materials on your website, blog, newsletter or email... and watch the sales roll in.

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