Cardio Training for Surfers

Improving your cardiovascular fitness for surfing is important because surfing uses both your aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (without oxygen) energy systems.

If your paddle fitness is down because you haven’t surfed for a while, you are always going to struggle for the first few sessions back.

We recommend you do interval training cardio workouts as opposed to steady state cardio, as interval training will help build your aerobic fitness more effectively than traditional steady state exercise.

It will also help improve your anaerobic fitness which is important for short bursts of high intensity exercise such as the paddle bursts needed when trying to catch waves.

The Total Surfing Fitness program uses a variety of different cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, beach running, band paddling, skipping and riding to help improve your fitness for surfing.

Band paddling (as shown above) is an excellent way to keep your paddle fitness up when the surf is down. Skipping is also an excellent way to keep your fitness high, with the added benefit of improving your reaction time and agility.

We have multiple interval training workouts that combine exercises such as those above to help you improve your cardio fitness for surfing.

To access the Total Surfing Fitness Cardio Workouts, you will need to download the Total Surfing Fitness – Surf Specific Training Program.