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The Unwritten Rules of Surfing

The Unwritten Rules of Surfing

Surf Fitness Training Centre

Surf Fitness Training Centre Want to see how Australia’s top up and coming surfers train? Check out the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre’s gym.     If you are a competitive surfer and you are not doing strength and conditioning you are getting left behind. And if you are a weekend warrior like the rest …

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Core Paddle Strength Combo

Paddle Strength and Core Strength Combo Exercises I like exercises that give you bang for your buck when it comes to surf training. Exercises that work multiple movement patterns and muscle groups are great because they help improve your motor control, as well as build strength across your whole body as an integrated unit. . …

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New Surf Fitness Study

surf workouts

New Surf Fitness Study Recently we are starting to see some more academic research being undertaken in regards to the specific fitness demands of surfers. One recent study from the Auckland University of Technology (published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research) looked at the aerobic (longer duration energy) and anaerobic (short burst energy) …

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Surf Trip Fitness Training

surf fitness training

Getting Fit For Your Surf Trip Below is a copy of the article I wrote for Smorgasboarder surf magazine showing my blueprint for getting fit for your next surf trip… . If you’re planning a surf trip in the near future now is a good time to start thinking about getting your body fit for …

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Rotational Exercises for Surfers

surfing exercises

Rotational Exercises for Surfers Would you like to perform more powerful turns? If so, you should be including some rotational core training in your surfing workouts. Rotational (or Rotary) training can help develop you ability to generate force through your hips, trunk and shoulders, which will improve your body’s movement patterns with any twisting actions. …

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Surf Training Video

Surf Training Video – The New Breed Of Modern Surfer Check out this video featuring the new breed of modern surfers who train for surfing with surfing workouts and surfing exercises. If you want to get the most out of your time in the water then you need to have a functional surfing fitness plan. …

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Surf Workout

surf workout 24

Surf Workout Q – What makes the ideal surf workout to help you increase your surfing fitness and improve your performance in the waves? A – The ideal surfing workouts will involve a number of important factors to make sure you are maximizing your surf training time. Here is the best format in my opinion …

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Leg Exercises For Surfing

leg exercises for surfing

Leg Exercises For Surfing There are lots of great exercises surfers can do to strengthen their legs and improve their performance on the wave. In this article we are just looking at a particular movement pattern which surfers use like the one shown in the picture above, and that is a lateral squat or lateral …

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Boost Your Paddle Power

SmorgasboarderArticle - Paddle Power

Boost Your Paddle Power Below is a recent surf training article I wrote featured in Smorgasboarder surf magazine showing several exercises to boost your paddle power. . Click on the article to view full screen… Download the step-by-step surfing workout program used by surfers from all over the globe to help boost your paddle power, …

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