Flexibility & Mobility Exercises for Surfers

Flexibility Exercises for Surfers

Having good flexibility is important for surfers from both a performance and injury prevention perspective.

If you have poor flexibility, then you are more likely to get injured during a surfing session. When you wipe out on a wave, your body can get contorted into all sorts of positions, so being strong and flexible will help reduce the chance that you will over stretch any muscles, ligaments or tendons.

Being more flexible will also help your surfing by allowing you to paddle stronger and perform maneuvers more easily. The more flexible you are, the less energy it takes to move your body throughout its range of motion.

The Total Surfing Fitness – Surf Specific Training Program incorporates stretching routines which will help you develop the flexibility you need to perform better in the surf and reduce the risk of injury.


Mobility Exercises for Surfers

Mobility exercise are important to help prepare surfers for workouts or surfing sessions. Traditional static stretching performed before exercise will help increase your stationary flexibility level, but is not as effective as mobility exercises for preparing your body for movement.

Static stretching is still important, but is more beneficial after an exercise session to help increase flexibility and promote muscle recovery.

Dynamic mobility exercises are important for the following reasons:

1.      They help prepare your muscles for exercise.

2.      They help to increase range of motion around a joint (active flexibility).

3.      They help to wake up or activate muscles that are not regularly used (quite often, muscles shut down because they are out of balance and are not getting stimulated).

4.      They can help to correct muscle or posture imbalances.


The Total Surfing Fitness – Surf Specific Training Program also incorporates mobility exercises to help you stay strong and mobile during your surf sessions.

To access the Total Surfing Fitness Flexibility & Mobility Exercises, you will need to download the Total Surfing Fitness – Surf Specific Training Program.