Rotational Exercises for Surfers

Rotational Exercises for Surfers

Would you like to perform more powerful turns?

If so, you should be including some rotational core training in your surfing workouts. Rotational (or Rotary) training can help develop you ability to generate force through your hips, trunk and shoulders, which will improve your body’s movement patterns with any twisting actions.

The important thing to remember with rotational training for surfing is that the movement and power should come from your hips and shoulders, not your lower back. If you twist too much through your lower back, you will lose energy efficiency and potentially put yourself at risk of injury.


To ensure you remain stable through your lower back, you need to brace your core muscles during the exercises, and focus on moving your hips and shoulder. If you have tight hip muscles, you might also benefit from some mobility and stretching exercises as well.

Below are a few rotational core exercises you can add into your next surf training workout…


Swiss Ball Hip Flips

  • Start with  your knees on the ball and hands on the floor, then rotate onto one leg
  • Rotate your hips and flip onto your other leg
  • Once you are comfortable, increase the speed to make it a more powerful movement
  • Do 5-10 reps per side

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Dumbbell Rotary Chop

  • Start holding a dumbbell next to your hip (use a light dumbbell and increase as you get stronger)
  • Keeping your core braced rotate from your hips and swing the dumbbell across your body finishing above your opposite shoulder
  • Make sure you pivot on the balls of your feet
  • Do 8-12 reps per side

Make sure you incorporate some rotational core training into your surfing fitness routine to ensure you have a balanced training plan.


Download Your Surf Workout Plan

If you want to get started with a step-by-step surf workout plan that can help enhance your surf fitness and performance in the water, make sure you download Total Surfing Fitness – Functional Training for Surfers

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