Surf Fitness Training Centre

Surf Fitness Training Centre

Want to see how Australia’s top up and coming surfers train?

Check out the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre’s gym.



If you are a competitive surfer and you are not doing strength and conditioning you are getting left behind.

And if you are a weekend warrior like the rest of us you can still step things up by training at home or at your local gym.

You should be training strength, power, mobility, endurance, core strength, flexibility and co-ordination.

Here is a tour of the facility to see where our top surfers get the job done…



If you want a comprehensive surf training plan to improve your total body strength and fitness for surfing, including the exact number of sets and reps of each exercise, download your workouts below…


Download Your Surf Workout Plan

Surf Workout

If you want to get started with a step-by-step surf workout plan that can help enhance your paddle power and surf specific fitness, make sure you download Total Surfing Fitness – Functional Training for Surfers

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