Surfing Training

Surf Training

Functional training is effectively training for a purpose. In this case the purpose is to make you a better surfer. In the Total Surfing Training program, all exercises are intended to help your body become more effective at carrying out all the movements undertaken whilst surfing. This includes paddling, duck diving, popping up and manuevers whilst riding the wave.

To train for these movements, you will need to concentrate on certain components of your fitness. This includes upper body strength and endurance, balance, core stability & strength, lower body strength & power, flexibility, mobility and cardiovascular endurance. If you can improve all of these with your surf fitness training program then it will go a long way to helping you become a better surfer or alternatively, help you to learn to surf to a high standard.

Below are some sample exercises from the Total Surfing Fitness – surfing workouts…Surf Training

surfing training

surf training


Surf Fitness Training

The Total Surfing Fitness – Surfing Workouts Training Program employs the most effective surfing exercises for the task of improving your surfing fitness. You won’t find isolated muscle exercises or machine based exercises in this program. All exercises will train multiple muscle groups at the same time. When you are surfing you are using lots of different muscles at any one time depending on your action. Therefore you should train the same way. This has benefits from both a performance perspective and an injury prevention perspective.

Train to surf like a pro now with the Total Surfing Fitness training program!


Surfing Training