Core & Balance Training

Surfing Exercises – Core & Balance Training for Surfers

Core strength refers to the strength and stability around your abdominal, lower back and hip muscles. As surfing incorporates a lot of twisting and rotating, core strength plays a critical part in controlling the movements on your board.

The stronger your core, the easier it will be to perform more challenging manoeuvres and maintain good form. It will also help reduce the risk of injury.

Below are some sample core and balance surfing exercises from the Total Surfing Fitness – Specific Surf Training Program…

surf exercises

Surf exercises

Surf exercises

The Total Surfing Fitness – Surf Specific Training Program incorporates lots of core strength and balance surfing exercises into the workouts. If you’re looking for exercises for surfing, rest assured that Total Surfing Fitness can provide you with the ultimate surf workout.

To get access to the workout manuals and surf exercises videos you will need to download the program.


Surfing exercises