Surfing Workout Warmup

Surfing Workout – Dynamic Warmup

Doing  a dynamic warmup before your surfing workouts is extremely important. It helps to improve your joint range of motion and improve your mobility in addition to preparing your body for the main part of the surfing workout.


This is a new dynamic warmup taken from the “March” Surfing Workouts from the Total Surfing Fitness Club . Each month their will be new workouts for TSF Club members to complete.

The warmup starts with more range of motion exercises and progresses to more specific mobility drills to prepare your body for the surf training workout.

Try this warmup at the start of your next surfing workout…


Make sure you are doing an adequate dynamic warmup before you start your surfing training routine.

And also make sure you change up your workout plan about every 4 weeks to keep challenging your body to improve.


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See you in the surf soon!


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